New perspectives, stories and realism: The visual trends Adobe expects in 2017


posted Thursday, February 9, 2017 at 11:00 AM EST


Adobe has predictions for the visual trends which will take off in 2017. Many of them have to do with technology. As drones become more popular and offer great aerial photography possibilities, Adobe expects new perspectives to be big in 2017. “Aerial photography has reached new heights since the invention and popularization of drones. We can now produce images from viewpoints that were never before possible.”

Storytelling is important, but visual content is becoming increasingly reliant on short-form content, either in the form of a single image or a short video clip. Adobe remarks, “In 2017, the narrative of a single image or 6-second video has the same need to tell a story as long-form content — and that narrative must resonate with viewers and provoke emotion. Visuals that speak to the correct audience, and choose the right tone and setting will be most successful. Also, look for stories that are told through a variety of methods: a beginning, middle, and end combined in a single view, or instead, one element in focus with room for the viewer to interpret what happened before or what will happen next.”

Clockwise from left: SONDEM / EYEEM / BST2012 / CAVAN

Combining both new perspectives and storytelling, expect “unbalance composition” to be big in 2017. Presenting a story or emotion through a new perspective or angle could be important. Adobe makes note of Cindy Sherman, whose portraiture often utilizes surreal elements and distinct composition to create distortion. Similarly, we should expect female creators to play a larger role this year.

Will photojournalism and documentary photography be trendy this year? Adobe thinks so. “Dealing with the reality of military, social, cultural, and political conflicts in the world, whimsy is fading and the rose-tinted lenses — Pantone’s Color of the Year 2016 — are out. Brutal, abrupt, less comforting — but truthful — images are in. Photography will highlight the power of the authentic image…”

To see the rest of the trends Adobe expects to emerge in 2017, see their blog post here.