Photography trends in 2017: Smartphone photography on the rise, UltraHD printing and more


posted Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 6:00 AM EST


WhiteWall Product Manager Jan-Ole Schmidt has shared some thoughts on the trends he believes will take off during 2017 and beyond.

Smartphone photography is on the rise, says Schmidt, “It is not just the camera in the smartphones that are getting better - accessories and add-ons are being introduced at an incredible pace and with amazing quality. Supplementary gadgets can vastly improve the performance of consumer mobile devices. Modern light gauges and high-end, detachable lenses can create professional quality pictures.” At WhiteWall, customers frequently order prints of photos they captured themselves, and with more (and better) photos being captured with smartphones than ever before, mobile photography will become increasingly important. In the spirit of providing access to WhiteWall’s renowned printing services to mobile users, the photo lab continues to optimize its website and ordering process for photographers on the go.

In the quest for lighter compact cameras, mirrorless cameras continue to challenge DSLRs for a place in the kits of professional and enthusiast photographers alike. “Photography of the future will rely on lighter cameras, but with more software. This is especially apparent in current compact system cameras,” Schmidt says. “High performance technology will soon be pocket-sized, and photo fans can take high-quality pictures without unwieldy equipment. We believe the trend toward printing photos to be hung in homes will continue to grow for the next several years.”

What of the prints people will be hanging in their homes? UltraHD photo printing is potentially the next big thing. The new printing process offers a “cool factor.” The process involves new printing and software techniques developed by WhiteWall to produce prints with “twice the resolution of conventionally-developed pictures” and vivid colors. To learn more about UltraHD printing, see here.

WhiteWall's Jan-Ole Schmidt thinks UltraHD photo printing could be big in 2017

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