Huawei’s ‘Honor’ VR camera connects to smartphones, making it insanely portable


posted Friday, February 24, 2017 at 6:00 AM EST


Huwawei has announced the "Honor" VR camera, a 360 degree capture device that is operated via smartphone. Interestingly... that's all the information we presently have. We don't know how much it will cost, what phones it will support, or when it will be released. Essentially, we only know that Huawei has made it, will release it internationally, and that it's pretty compact.

Specifically on that last point, take a look at how it fits in hand/on a phone:


Photo via Huawei


The Honor is so small that it might prove to be the most portable and easily accessible 360/VR camera on the market. The fact that it uses your smartphone as the control interface makes sense here, and reduces how much Huawei had to cram into the body of the camera. All that remains to be seen is how easy it is to operate, and the quality of the image produced .


Photo via Huawei


The push into 360 from various companies across the tech world, like Nikon and Samsung, shows that the interest for 360 video is there from the manufacturer standpoint. We still have not quite gotten to the proving point for consumers, however. Most still lack the required equipment to properly view 360 content, and web-based ways of navigating (with a finger or mouse) lack the "pizazz" that will really create the proper buzz required for widespread success. At this point, tech companies are trying to be the best at capture so that in the event the tech does take off, they'll be at the forefront. 

All the while, they're hoping it's not another 3D television situation

(Seen via Circuit Breaker)