Publishing to WordPress made simpler with new Imagely Lightroom plugin


posted Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at 12:00 PM EDT


WordPress a very popular content management system used by many photographers and Imagely helps many shutterbugs put their best online foot forward by offering WordPress themes, plugins and websites, including their NextGEN Gallery plugin.

For photographers who utilize NextGEN Gallery and use Lightroom for managing and editing their images, good news! Imagely has released the NextGEN Lightroom plugin. This plugin "integrates seamlessly with NextGEN gallery and allows you to publish and manage galleries on your WordPress website directly from Lightroom." When trying to save time or simply to streamline your workflow, this new plugin looks like a great option for the many photographers who rely on both WordPress and Lightroom to edit and publish their work to the web.

The Imagely Lightroom Plugin is included in numerous Imagely packages, including their NextGEN Pro package, which is on sale for US$67 (33% off from its regular $99 price). Imagely offers a Lifetime Everything package, which is on sale for $279, down from $399, and offers all their themes and plugins for life, rather than in an annual package. You can learn about their packages here.


Digital Photography School has published an overview and tutorial of the new Imagely Lightroom plugin, which you can read here. It looks to be an excellent and operational plugin which will work very well for WordPress, Imagely and Lightroom users.

(Via Digital Photography School)