Cinetics launches pro-level multi-axis motion control for timelapse and video


posted Tuesday, March 7, 2017 at 9:00 AM EST


Cinetics, the company that brought you the gorillapod on wheels, has announced their latest motion control device: the Lynx. Stepping up the tech that they put into their Axis360 system, the Lynx is their advanced, premium offering that should appeal to the professional timelapser and videographer. The motor is smoother, quieter and more powerful than the one found in the Axis360, and the slider is stronger and lighter thanks to a carbon fiber build. Cinetics says the Lynx differentiates itself from competitors (such as the Emotimo Spectrum) with its price point, modularity and light weight. 

Lynx dedicated controller
Lynx mobile application


The Lynx will feature both a tactile connected controller as well as a mobile app for managing the device. Cinetics calls the app "beautifully-designed" and that it will "allow easy and intuitive remote system control while its joystick design and accelerometer controls take live camera movement to an entirely new level." Their biggest selling point is how quickly the Lynx will be set up and ready to go. The Lynx uses a built-in battery that Cinetics says will last 3 hours in continuous motion, and up to 24 in either standby or start/stop timelapse mode. 



Lynx is available in three primary kits: Base Slider, Motorized Slider and Three Axis Slider.

  • The Lynx Base Slider allows users to create manual video moves. The motor control can be added to the slider at any time.
  • The Lynx Motorized Slider kit includes the manual slider plus the slider motor and controller for a complete linear motion control system.
  • The Lynx Three Axis Slider includes the complete Lynx motorized slider and motorized pan and tilt head.

The base slider will be offered for $499 during the Kickstarter, with a $599 retail price at the conclusion of the campaign. The Motorized Slider will be offered for $999 during the campaign, with a retail price of $1299. The Three Axis slider will be offered for $1499, with a $1999 retail price. Compared to a prime competitor like the aforementioned Emotimo Spectrum, the Lynx looks very well priced. A base Spectrum with no slider costs $2299, $300 more than the most expensive Lynx offering (which includes a slider). If the motor and ease-of-use trumps that of the Spectrum and the stated 3 hour battery life isn't too weak, it has a good chance of becoming a highly desireable unit among the timelapse/motion control community. 

The campaign starts today and will be available for two months. For more information, visit the Lynx Kickstarter.