Vimeo finally adds support for 360 video, bolstered by a wide range of tools


posted Thursday, March 9, 2017 at 12:00 PM EDT


Vimeo has added support for 360 video content, allowing users to upload in extemely high quality. Further, Vimeo has created 360 Video School lessons, and have even set up a curated 360 channel to encourage the format. Vimeo has not been first to market in the last two major steps in video broadcasting (4K resolution and 360 content), but this time it looks like they are taking 360 a lot more seriously than anyone else, offering unique services and tools specifically to support the burgeoning format.

Vimeo lists their 360 features as follows:

  • Unmatched quality: Upload in up to 8K, stream in high quality, and host, manage, and publish your 360 videos — all in one place.
  • Customizable settings: You deserve control over your videos. So go on and customize your field of view, outro, and more.
  • 360 Video School: Whether you’re a 360 pro or newcomer, we’re continuously adding lessons to further your journey.
  • Sell your videos: Earn more on the first major marketplace for selling 360 videos, all with your PRO or Business membership.
  • Powerful integrations: Upload directly from places like Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas, and watch from our app with Zeiss, GearVR, and Daydream headsets.
  • Find inspiration: Discover today’s best 360 filmmakers by following our brand-new curated channel.
  • Watch offline: Are you underground or up in the air? Download a 360 video on your phone to stream offline and enjoy at your command.

To view content, you can navigate the videos in three different ways. Vimoe says that, "on mobile, simply tilt or drag your finger across the screen to look around. On desktop, you can click or use the arrow keys to explore." If you have a virtual reality headset, the content can be customized to fit that, too. Vimeo's Android and iOS apps sync up with most headsets. To use them, all that has to be done is tap the headset icon in the mobile player, or scan the headset’s QR code, and Vimeo will make sure the video renders properly for your gear.

It should be noted that 8K is not quite as impressive as it might sound: The 8K comes from 4K broadcast to each eye in a virtual reality headset (left plus right). So while it is indeed very high resolution, it is probably not what you thought it was, given their emphasis. 

Vimeo has launched a few videos of their own to show off their platform, contributing to this feeling that they wanted to do 360 "right." Rather than just being a host, they wanted to be directly involved. 

There are several customization options available when uploading to Vimeo, and those are outlined in detail here. Suffice it to say, they took a lot into consideration to make sure that 360 content could be viewed the way the creator envisioned. For more information, check out the Vimeo blog.

(Seen via DIY Photography)