Canon G9X II First Shots: The smallest 1-inch sensored compact hits our test lab


posted Monday, March 20, 2017 at 2:01 PM EDT

Click here for our Canon G9X Mark II First Shots


With a new and improved processor, the Canon G9X Mark II seeks to build upon the popularity of the Canon G9X launched in 2015. That camera redefined how small a 1-inch sensored camera could be, and was awarded a Dave's Pick from us at IR for its small size paired with good image quality. The G9X Mark II has just completed its initial run through our test lab, which means we're now ready to unveil our signature laboratory First Shots.

The biggest questions likely on readers' minds are: 1) Given a similar size and lens, has the image quality improved over the predecessor? 2) Is it as good or better than the latest RX100-series camera, the RX100V? 3) And, how does it stack up against the Panasonic LX10? Our Comparometer is now stocked with these initial test lab images and is eagerly awaiting your image quality comparisons across the available ISO range.

• Canon G9X II Lab Samples