How is your color vision? Take these quizzes to find out


posted Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at 2:00 PM EDT


Unless you exclusively photograph black and white images – which don’t get me wrong, I love black and white photography and find it to offer its own unique set of challenges – color plays an important role in your photography. We spend a lot of time searching out beautiful color and finding ways to process our images to either showcase “natural” color as best as possible or enrich color in images. If light is the most important aspect of an image, then for many color is in a close second place.

What makes color particularly interesting is that despite it being objectively a particular hue in reality, we all experience color subjectively. There is no surefire way to know that I see red the same way you see red, for example. We recently covered a photographer who sees colors in a different way from most people, which leads to him facing certain challenges, but also being in a distinct position to see the world in a way that is specific to him. This shows through in his photography.

While this article at Fstoppers goes into a deeper discussion on color, the article also contains a variety of fun vision quizzes and games you can complete to not only test your own color vision, but also perhaps test out your monitor.

The first one from X-rite is a great one to test your monitor and your eyesight. It’s a challenging quiz, but one which really forces you to concentrate on distinguishing various hues and shades of color.

Screenshot from X-rite color quiz

A similar test is available from iGame, which you can play here. If you want a challenge, give this quiz a go. Finally, if you want to do a test purely designed to see if you have a color vision deficiency, take this test. For men in particular, color vision deficiency is pretty common. It’s always good to know where you might be vision-impaired.

How did you do in the color quizzes above? Did you find any weaknesses in your color vision?

If you’re interested in color theory as it relates to photography, I highly recommend reading this excellent guide by Dave Morrow, a very talented landscape photographer.

(Via Fstoppers)