Lensrentals tests recording times and battery life for a wide array of video cameras


posted Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 2:00 PM EDT


Lensrentals.com has over 100,000 pieces of gear, which means they have the ability to test gear in unique ways. Their latest testing involved testing the battery life and recording times of their video cameras. They went through their entire stock and logged recording time (per gigabyte) and battery life for each camera. Their charts include information for the camera, battery, memory card and video codec and extensions used and show how much record time you can get (in minutes) per GB.

It appears that the Canon 1DX Mark II when recording 4096 x 2160 MOV MJPG video files at 59.94p to a CFast 2.0 / Compact Flash card results in 0.15 minutes per GB, which is the lowest of all the tested cameras. You would fill up a 64GB card in under 10 minutes with these recording settings. If you don't need to record at 60fps, the Sony A7S II, A6500 and A6300 can record XAVC S 3840/30p video at a more impressive 1.17 minutes per GB rate, meaning that if you were recording to a 64GB SDXC card, you could record nearly 75 minutes of footage.

A screenshot sample of the data compiled by Lensrentals.com in their latest testing.

What about battery life? LensRentals has this information for many camcorders and recorders, but the full data is not yet available on their DSLR/mirrorless spreadsheet. Keep checking back to the links above as Lensrentals will be periodically updating their set of data.

(Via Fstoppers)