The lessons learned over an illustrious career: Chase Jarvis interviews Joe McNally


posted Friday, March 31, 2017 at 6:00 AM EDT


Joe McNally has had an illustrious and diverse photographic career, including excellent work in commercial photography and photojournalism. He’s worked with massive clients such as Adidas, Epson, GE and Sony and he has also worked for Newsweek, Sports Illustrated and Time among many others. McNally is also an excellent educator, frequently producing tutorials and having authored a trio of books on photography.

Chase Jarvis, a very well-known photographer himself, recently sat down with McNally for an interview as part of Jarvis’ podcast. The lengthy interview includes McNally sharing many of the lessons he’s learned during his career and how he is like a “pitbull when he has a camera in his hands,” not stopping until he gets the shot he wants. He also discusses the importance of failure and its role in learning how to become a better photographer. Check out the interview below.

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(Via ISO 1200)