Lensrentals wants to help marketers, releases humorous marketing blurb generator


posted Monday, April 17, 2017 at 1:00 PM EST


Here at Imaging Resource, we see a lot of interesting marketing materials. While we don’t often single out any particular manufacturer for their sometimes imaginative marketing, it can be good to start the week off with some humor. Roger Cicala and Seb Pearce have created a generator for creating random photo marketing blurbs, often to very funny results.

From the generator’s homepage, “Things have been hard for the photo equipment manufacturers lately. They’ve reduced services, laid off workers, cut back R&D, even cancelled new products. The only thing that seems to have been spared is the marketing department. The new equipment blurbs all use more and more pretty adjectives while carefully saying nothing. Well, Mr. Photo Company, we’re here to help! Now you can go ahead and lay off that expensive marketing department. Because with our new (and free!) Random Photo Marketing Generator, you just click on the button and your new product marketing blurb is delivered nearly complete — just add your product name and you’re ready for that release date.”

It's a fun generator and you should give it a go on your own, but here are a few blurbs we got when trying out the site:

“Capture life in a way lesser beings have always wished they could. Designed for the dedicated professional, it offers the highest standards most only wish for, at a price that most can’t afford. Experience the old-world craftsmanship for yourself. Capable of capturing every scene in its full magnificence, even when weather is not ideal, its skillful design and resilient build quality will make it your go anywhere lens. This lens provides a classic focal length, offering a remarkable opportunity to enhance your natural creativity.”

“We joyfully announce the only lens combining old-world craftsmanship with fully computerized assembly, creating a lens that will be treasured by cinematographers and professionals alike. Now you can possess a single zoom lens that allows you to capture images that are both dynamic and impressive. Designed with the outdoor photographer in mind, our newest lens provides the aberration control needed to take your photography to profitability. Like all of our products, this lens demonstrates your commitment to your craft. Whatever the subject matter, in any working condition, in all lighting conditions, this lens offers superb resolution while maintaining accurate autofocus.”

“Capture images in a way you’ve always wished you could. Vignetting and Flare are so well controlled as to be virtually non-existent. Now you can create images with a smooth transition. Designed for the dedicated professional, it offers the look and feel most only wish for, at a price that is surprisingly affordable. Offering perspective control while minimizing axial chromatic aberration and coma, this lens offers the precision required by today’s high-resolution Snapchat filters.”

Try the generator out for yourself here. None of the results we got would look out of place in the next press release that comes across our screens.

(Via Fstoppers)