GoPro launches pilot program for ‘Fusion’ 5.2K spherical camera


posted Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 2:00 PM EDT


GoPro has announced a pilot program for a new product called the GoPro Fusion, a 5.2K spherical camera that GoPro says is "designed to be the ultimate capture device for both fully immersive virtual reality content as well as conventional non-VR video and photo formats." It is a high-performance portable spherical camera that works as if you strapped six GoPros to yourself at once, similar to the GoPro Omni. At this point, it looks like GoPro is moving beyond that extremely expensive and somewhat awkwardly-sized product and pushing their VR efforts into something more practical: the Fusion. 

Fusion will be compatible with a broad range of GoPro’s mounts and handheld accessories, and over the course of the next few months GoPro will be testing and refining the product with pilot partners in brands, agencies and creative professionals.

GoPro plans a limited commercial release of Fusion by the end of 2017, and details on pricing and other specifics will be provided at launch. For now details are slim, other than the mysterious image of the Fusion and the fact that it will shoot 5.2Kp30 video. All we have is one demo video and the promise that it will be something great. With GoPro's struggles in moving product and their snafu with the Karma last year, trust may be a hard thing to come by for the iconic action camera company.