The Seagate/DJI strategic partnership yields first product: a portable 2TB drive with microSD port


posted Sunday, April 23, 2017 at 9:00 PM EDT


Seagate and DJI had previously announced a strategic partnership, and that arrangement has yielded its first product: the Fly Drive. With 2TB of storage and a built-in microSD card reader, the Fly Drive is designed to give drone pilots an in-the-field backup option. Seagate says the drive should appeal to drone users due to its small size, durability, built-in reader and fast transfer speeds, but did not provide any actual transfer speed numbers to expect at this time.  


Seagate has a few main points that they believe makes the Fly Drive a good option for drone pilots. 

  • The 2 TB of space stores over 60 hours of DJI drone footage at 4K (approx. 250 flights). Rather than keeping a stack of individual microSD cards, Seagate says their drive will help keep drone pilots more organized. 
  • The built-in microSD slot makes it easier to quickly backup storage, since computer makers (especially Apple) have been dropping the number of ports included with new models. When plugged into a computer, the microSD card will read as a second external drive that you can then choose to either drag onto your computer or the Fly Drive.
  • The drive is rated UHS-II and works with the latest generation of computers with either USB 3.1 or Thunderbolt 3. The cable tucks into the back of the case, keeping it stored nicely and paired with the Fly Drive.
  • The Fly Drive is protected by a bumper, which makes it drop resistant in the field.
  • The Fly Drive will ship with a 2-month membership to Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

The Fly Drive will be available this summer for $120 and includes a two year warranty.