Syrp has announced the Genie II & Magic Carpet Pro


posted Tuesday, April 25, 2017 at 10:18 AM EDT


Syrp has announced the coming Genie II and Magic Carpet Pro slider, a combination that should bring fans of the system everything they've wanted in a timelapse and motion control device. Though details are a somewhat limited, as it appears Syrp wants to incentivise interested parties to visit their booth at NAB, we do know a few things about the upcoming redesigned system. If you are unfamiliar with Syrp, they were one of the most successful Kickstarters ever back in 2012 with the launch of their original Genie, and since then have expanded their offerings to sliders, filters, and more. But the original Genie began to show its age over the last couple years, and expanded functionality was added thanks to the launch of the Genie Mini. Though nice, it wasn't perfect and was obviously a stopgap for something better. 


The Genie II is a compact 3-Axis version of its predecessor – it’s now quieter, faster and more powerful. Charging has been updated and now utilizes USB Type-C connectors, and thanks to that the Genie II can also provide power to your less efficient cameras and devices. The Genie II consists of a Linear drive and Pan/Tilt drive both of which are free of the usual tangle of cables thanks to Bluetooth and Wifi for connection. Battery life, a feature where the original Genie easily outpaced its competition, Syrp says remains stand-out, and the patented Genie II linear drive continues to be the only fully adaptable system that lets filmmakers’ use any brand of sliders and DIY gear thanks to their rope/pully system.

Syrp also says that "the Linear drive is also compatible with the Genie Mini, giving existing owners and new-comers to motion control a powerful but affordable 2 or 3-Axis motion control system capable of being connected to any slider on the market." Though unconfirmed, this statement seems to paint the Genie II as multiple parts which can be purchased independently. We've reached out to Syrp for more details. 


The Magic Carpet Pro slider will include an integrated flywheel and will be available in 60cm/2ft, 90cm/3ft and 150cm/5ft lengths. Paired with the redesigned end caps and carriage, the Magic Carpet Pro ensures stability and continued compatibility with the original Genie and the upcoming Genie II. Swapping gear is simple thanks to Syrp’s new patent pending QR mount that can quickly integrate with all your video heads and enables the Genie II to be simply clicked in straight to the carriage, reducing setup time.

No information on pricing or availability was provided, but there is a place to sign up and be notified when more information is available