Adobe Stock updates: Upload directly from Photoshop Mix on iOS and new auto-categorization tool


posted Saturday, April 29, 2017 at 6:00 AM EDT


Adobe has continually improved the usability of Adobe Stock for its many contributors and they have announced further improvements to its workflow. The team has updated Adobe Photoshop Mix for iOS to allow photographers to upload images directly to Adobe Stock’s Contributor Portal.

Further, the Contributor Portal has been improved with a brand-new auto-categorization tool which will further automate the submission process. Similar to the auto-keyword functionality previously added to the portal, the new auto-categorization tool uses Adobe Sensei to analyze your submitted images, compare them against the database of Adobe Stock assets and then automatically provide you with appropriate categories. As always, you can manually categorize your submissions as well.

Adobe Stock's Contributor Portal has a new auto-categorization tool

For more information on the improvements to Adobe Stock, Adobe Photoshop Mix and the Contributor Portal, see Adobe’s latest blog