Cloning in Lightroom? You don’t need to leave Lightroom to get a useful cloning tool


posted Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at 7:00 PM EDT


Lightroom expert Scott Kelby has an awesome website called Lightroom Killer Tips where he regularly publishes Lightroom tutorials. His latest video shows you that you don't need to go into Photoshop to clone objects, but can rather stay inside Adobe Lightroom.

In the video below, Kelby is working on an image showing three knives on a wall in India. He wants a fourth knife to fill in an empty area. You would typically use Photoshop for this task, but you can actually use the Spot Removal tool in Lightroom to clone. There are two brush modes, clone and heal. Kelby mentions that clone typically works better, but in the case shown below, he found heal would do the trick.

Make a selection in the area you want your cloned item to appear. Lightroom will then select a place in the image as the source, very likely not where you want it. No problem, click in the middle of the new selection area and drag it over to where it goes over the area you want to clone.

For more from Scott Kelby, visit Lightroom Killer Tips and the KelbyOne YouTube channel.

(Via Lightroom Killer Tips)