Fuji X100F First Shots: 4th-gen fixed-lens street-shooter gets our lab treatment


posted Monday, May 8, 2017 at 12:08 PM EDT

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First unveiled back at the start of this year, the Fuji X100F joins the updated X-T2 and X-Pro2, as well as the X-T20, as the latest X-series camera to receive a major sensor and processor upgrade. Going from a 16MP sensor to a 24MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS III chip, the X100F offers a sizable resolution bump compared to earlier X100 models. Plus, the newer, faster X Processor Pro imaging processor, which was first introduced in the X-Pro2 and X-T2, gives the compact, fixed-lens X100F some significant performance improvements as well as a slight ISO range increase, bumping up its native ISO sensitivity to 12,800. 

We're excited to now share our classic First Shots set of lab sample images with you. As usual, this series offers a look at the camera's image quality across its full ISO range, both at default noise reduction and when set to the least NR processing possible. To simply cut to the chase, you can see all the new lab images over on our Fuji X100F Samples Page, however, hop over to our main review page for a few 1:1 crop comparisons between the X100F and some rival cameras.

Base ISO (ISO 200) - Fuji X100F (left) vs. Fuji X100T (right)

Fuji X100F First Shots