Shutter Release: Lightroom how-to, colorblind photographers and other interesting weekend reads


posted Friday, May 12, 2017 at 2:30 PM EST


In today's edition of “Shutter Release,” we have a selection of useful articles and videos to share with you. Lightroom users take note of the first two below. Other articles include varied topics such as color blind photographers and EnChroma glasses, five uses for foam board and sunset location scouting.

Lightroom tips and tricks: Matching total exposure and syncing edits – SLR Lounge

As Kishore Sawh points out at SLR Lounge, with digital cameras, photographers capture many more shots than they ever did in the film days. With so many digital files shot in different situations and with varied settings, wouldn’t it be great if there were easy ways to match total exposures and sync edits across many files? Well there is! In Lightroom, you can easily match total exposure across selected images and apply edits from one image to many others. Click here to see how.

More Lightroom knowledge: Six types of Lightroom previews and how to use them – Digital Photography School

Lightroom has many different preview options and it’s not always obvious which is best for your personal workflow. Digital Photography School has put together a guide which outlines the different preview options and what they offer.

Expanding the color spectrum for color blind photographers - Red River Paper Blog

Longtime photographer and writer Arthur H. Bleich let us know about his recent blog post for Red River Paper’s blog, which he has been running for a few years, and it’s a fascinating read. Did you know that more than 14 million people in the U.S. and Canada have some type of color deficiency? Many of them are photographers, perhaps you or someone you know. Dr. Don McPherson and Andy Schmeder joined forces to found EnChroma, a company which has released eye glasses which can help the color vision of up to 80 percent of people suffering from red/green deuteranomaly or protanomaly color blindness. Check out the article to learn more about how color blind photographers see the world.

Five uses for foam board in photography and video – ISO 1200

Foam board is a useful photography tool and can be found at many department, office supply and craft stores. I personally use it to bounce light and as an easy backdrop for product shots and other test shots and video. Check out the video below from DSLR Video Shooter for more ideas on how to use foam board for photography and video.

Growing your Instagram following – Digital Photography School

Instagram is one of the primary ways photographers can share their work online and build a social media following. But how do you gain more followers? Sure, you could pay a bot service, but that’s tacky. Seattle-based event and food photographer Suzi Pratt wrote an article with tips for building your Instagram following organically.

Location scouting for the perfect sunset photo – Digital Photography School

Landscape photography can be tricky, but knowledge makes it easier. Some of the most valuable knowledge you can have is gained through location scouting. South Africa-based photographer Mujahid Urrehman wrote an article for Digital Photography School about location scouting for sunsets in particular. Check out more of his work on his YouTube channel and Instagram.

Q&A with Bloomberg's photo editor - DIY Photography

PhotoShelter’s Deborah Block recently chatted with Eugene Reznik, the Digital Features Photo Editor for Bloomberg, about his job, Bloomberg’s photography needs and the common mistakes he sees photographers make. If you want to learn more about photojournalism and what publications are looking for, check it out.