High-quality HDR: How to create subtle, realistic looking high dynamic range images


posted Sunday, May 14, 2017 at 9:45 AM EST


Photographer, author and educator Tim Grey has created many excellent video tutorials over the years. His latest webinar is a joint effort with Tamron and is all about high dynamic range photography, better known as HDR. HDR encompasses a variety of techniques all of which are used to create a final image with a greater dynamic range of luminosity than can be achieved using standard techniques.

You have surely seen many HDR images that look like they have undergone extreme saturation adjustments or have unsightly halos around every fine detail and area of contrast. Tim Grey’s video below is all about creating realistic HDR images that offer a more accurate view of how the human eye sees scenes than normal photo techniques allow. The tutorial is comprehensive and covers tips for capturing good starting point images in the field and how to process them on your computer. With such a wide range of topics covered in-depth, it’s unsurprising that the tutorial is well over an hour long.

For more free photography tutorials from Tim Grey, visit his YouTube channel and website.

(Via The Digital Picture)