Shutter Release: Motorsports with a view camera, budget macro photography and much more


posted Monday, May 15, 2017 at 2:00 PM EDT


We hope that you all had a great weekend. Now let’s get this week started off right with five interesting photography stories and videos. Today’s selection includes a juxtaposition in motorsports photography, a new fast prime lens from Japan, a behind-the-scenes look at a colorful portrait session, the importance of shooting “plates” in portrait photography and how to create a budget macro photography kit. Let’s get to it.

Shooting Formula 1 with a 1913 4 x 5 view camera – PetaPixel

What happens when you combine the cutting edge of vehicle technology with a 4 x 5 view camera from the early 20th century? Moody motorsports photography. Photographer Joshua Paul from Lollipop Grand Prix Media has travelled around the world with a Graflex 4x5 view camera from 1913 to capture the world’s most advanced motorsport, Formula 1. To see some of Paul’s work and learn more about his distinct photographic process, read this article.

Kinoshi Kistar 35mm f/1.4 specs and samples - Photo Rumors

The Japanese company Kinoshita Kogaku Kenkyujyo released the Kinoshita Kistar 55mm f/1.2 a couple years ago. They’re following it up with the Kistar 35mm f/1.4, This compact prime lens has eight elements in six groups. To view more specs, see here. For sample shots, click here.

How Jeremy Cowart shot this colorful portrait with a custom-made ring light – ISO 1200

As part of Tether Tools “How I Got the Shot” series, pro photographer Jeremy Cowart shot a very colorful portrait with a custom-made ring light. Check it out below. To check out more “How I Got the Shot” videos, see here.

The importance of shooting background “plates” – ISO 1200

Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens has created a new video about the importance of photographing background plates. After photographing his subject, he will remove the subject and photograph the scene with different settings to have many options during post-processing for creating a final composite image.

Macro photography on a budget – DIY Photography

Macro photography can be a fun, but expensive type of photography. There are many excellent macro-specific lenses you can purchase, but what if you want to use your kit lens? Photographer Adam Kappa shows us that with some affordable accessories, you can turn your kit lens into a capable macro lens.