Pentax KP Field Test Part II: Another real-world test, this time of low light, special features and video


posted Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 8:16 PM EDT


A few weeks back, I posted my first field test for the Pentax KP, Ricoh's compact DSLR alternative to the mirrorless camera. At the time, I focused my energies on dissecting the KP's handling, user interface, burst and autofocus performance and daytime image quality, reserving the rest of my analysis for the second part of my report.

And now, that second field test is here! This time around, I wanted to focus on low-light shooting, both in terms of high sensitivity and long exposure photography. I also wanted to give the Pentax KP's electronic shutter a whirl, as well as its new shutter and aperture-bracketing capabilities. And of course, no camea review would be complete these days without a look at video, so I tried the KP out in this respect as well, both day and night.



How did it perform? Hop on over to my second Pentax KP field test now for the full story, and you'll fin the answers to this and many other questions! (And if you have one that's unanswered, sound off in the comments and let us know!)


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