Hasselblad takes their aerial camera system to new heights with 100-megapixel mirrorless A6D-100c


posted Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 10:00 AM EDT


Hasselblad has announced a new 100-megapixel camera system, furthering their commitment to delivering their best imaging technology to the skies. The new Hasselblad A6D-100c is designed for use within Hasselblad’s aerial camera system and employs a mirrorless design, perhaps taking some technology cues from their mirrorless X1D camera.

Of the new A6D-100c, Hasselblad Product Manager says, “Available in 100 megapixel resolutions, the A6D camera combines the world’s best optics and sensors with a modern, compact design, resulting in a system that will ensure you attain the highest possible image quality. Hasselblad aerial cameras provide a range of important features that help deliver your imaging requirements.” Speaking of optics, nine of Hasselblad’s H System lenses are available in aerial versions, which come with secure locking mounts to minimize vibration and flexing, ensuring that the image plane and sensor remain parallel at all times. These lenses ship with focus precisely adjusted and fixed at infinity and cover a focal length range of 24 to 300mm with a horizontal AFOV of 96° to 10.2°. Additionally, the aerial leaf shutter lenses have been improved to allow shutter speeds as fast as 1/4000s.

Hasselblad A6D-100c

The A6D aerial camera includes a feature that allows up to eight cameras to be synchronized within 20 μs via a simple bus-type cable connection. This eliminates the need to synchronize exposures manually or during post-production.

Available with or without an infra-red filter, the H6D allows the capture of images from the 750nm to 1000nm wavelength, which could be useful for certain types of aerial analysis. Further, NDVI, CIR and NIR imaging is possible when using third party software. To help developers with software development, Hasselblad offers a full Software Developers Kit (SDK) as well.

Further specifications include 16-bit RAW file capture, 15-stop dynamic range, an ISO range of 64 to 12800, CFast 2.0 usage, USB 3.0 Type-C connection, 0.5s to 1/4000s shutter speed range and 4K UHD video recording.

If you'd like to download and view full-size sample images from the A6D-100c, click here

(Via Mirrorless Rumors)