Three techniques you can use to create your best black and white images in Lightroom


posted Saturday, May 20, 2017 at 8:30 AM EDT


Tutvid’s Nathaniel Dodson produces many excellent video tutorials and his latest will be particularly appealing to Lightroom users and fans of black and white photography. Dodson’s video, seen below, shows three techniques you can use when creating black and white images in Adobe Lightroom.

The first way to create black and white images in Lightroom is by using the black and white sliders in the HSL/Color/B&W panel of Lightroom’s Develop module. Clicking “B&W” immediately converts your color image to black and white, but there are sliders down below to help you fine-tune the look of your image. By clicking the tab in the top left corner of the black and white panel, you can then click on different areas of your image and drag down to darken or up to lighten. Lightroom will adjust individual sliders as you move up and down. For example, if you want to darken the sky, which was originally blue, you click and drag down on an area of the sky and Lightroom will move the corresponding blue (and possibly aqua and/or purple) sliders to the left (darker). Of course, you can manually control all these sliders as well. Be careful not to be too heavy-handed with these sliders though, as you can introduce fringing and halo effects if you push them too far.

To see what else you can do with black and white images in Lightroom, watch Dodson’s video below.

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