Yeah, yeah…speed… but what about image quality? Sony A9 First Shots from the lab!


posted Monday, May 22, 2017 at 8:01 PM EDT


The Sony A9 has landed at IR Labs, and we couldn't wait to bring you our signature First Shots test lab series. For anyone itching to dive right in, please head to our Sony A9 Lab Samples Page to see the camera in action across the available ISO range. For anyone interested in comparisons to other models, our trusty Comparometer is your ticket!

With a 24mp full-frame sensor, the A9 is in the logical tier above the A7 Mark II, so that comparison will surely draw some interested viewers. And, of course, there are those of you who will want to see how the IQ stacks up against the flagship A7R Mark II as well as the A-mount A99 Mark II. And what about how it fares against other full frame competitors like the Canon 5D Mark IV? The Comparometer has you covered, so dive right in and let the IQ analysis begin.

To whet your appetite, below are side-by-side comparisons at ISO 6400 vs. the Sony A7 Mark II and the Canon 5D Mark IV.

Sony A7 Mark II vs Sony A9

Sony A7 Mark II                      ISO 6400                            Sony A9

Canon 5D Mark IV vs Sony A9

Canon 5D Mark IV                     ISO 6400                            Sony A9

Also, for those of you interested in getting your hands on the RAW files, we now have you a full set of compressed RAWs. We also have one compressed and one uncompressed at Base ISO if you'd like to download and compare the two!

Stay tuned, as we'll be bringing you our Sony A9 Image Quality Comparisons and Performance test results shortly!

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