Take an ultra HD swim with Swellpro’s latest 4K-capable Splash Drone 3 Auto


posted Monday, May 22, 2017 at 8:00 AM EDT


Last month we looked at Swellpro’s waterproof drones, but the company has a new waterproof drone on the way that will offer 4K video recording in addition to other new features.

The Swellpro Splash Drone 3 Auto will be on Kickstarter soon and the company has released many details about the upcoming quadcopter. Dubbed “the most advanced Splash drone ever released” and “the first fully integrated modular amphibious flying platform,” the Splash Drone 3 Auto has a new salt water ready propulsion system with custom 620kv motors, balancing power and efficiency. With its modular design, the drone is ready to tackle a variety of tasks, including aerial filming, search and rescue, ocean survey work, fishing and more.

Regarding its aerial filming capabilities, the Splash Drone 3 Auto has a new fully waterproof 4K camera with integrated 2-axis gimbal. Rated as being IP67 waterproof, the drone is ready for underwater filming. The camera is driven by a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor which has an ISO range of 100 to 1600. The lens’ field of view is 106° with a max aperture of f/2.0.


The drone itself has a max ascend speed of 4 meters per second and a max descend speed of 3 m/s. Maximum flight speed is 16 m/s and max flying altitude is 4,000 meters. Maximum flight time is 16 minutes per charge, but don’t worry, the drone has a low battery alert in the remote controller and has automatic return home and automatic landing features.

The remote controller itself is new as well, offering improved controls and a 5-inch FPV screen, with live view and OSD data. You can also use a dedicated mobile phone application to control the drone and enable features such as Follow Me and Mission Planning.

For more information on the 4K-capable Swellpro Splash Drone 3 Auto, see here. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for the waterproof 4K drone.