Shutter Release: Canon 200mm f/1.8 lens on eBay, how to light high key portraits and more


posted Tuesday, May 23, 2017 at 11:30 AM EST


An opportunity to purchase Canon's unique 200mm f/1.8 lens - Mirrorless Rumors

A German eBay user is selling a Canon FD f/1.8 L lens for just under US$8,000 with worldwide shipping. If you want this lens, perhaps the fastest 200mm lens ever made, here's your chance. If you'd like to learn more about this lens and whether or not the asking price is reasonable, check out this article at PetaPixel.

Lighting how-to: High key portraits - ISO 1200

Portrait photographer Joe Edelman wants to help you capture beautiful portraits with a white background. High key lighting can be tricky, so if you want to learn more about how to do it, including how to use a softbox or OctoDome, check out the video below. Click here to see more videos from Edelman.

How to stand out on Instagram with unique formats - Fstoppers

There are a lot of amazing images on Instagram so it can be tricky to stand out. How can you make your images pop off people's phones and break through all the visual noise? Unique formats! Check out this guide on how to stand out on Instagram.

Behind the scenes with a creative portrait backdrop - ISO 1200

Photographer Anya Anti creates surreal, artistic portraits using a wide array of props and backgrounds. One of her recent videos, seen below, shows how to make a cool backdrop with interesting swirling bokeh. In the video below, Anti is shooting with a Nikon D600. To see more of her work, follow the Broncolor GenNEXT 2 ambassador on Instagram.