Shutter Release: Sony A9 dynamic range compared to Canon 1DX Mark II and Nikon D5


posted Tuesday, May 30, 2017 at 5:00 PM EDT


First Sony A9 dynamic range test results and comparisons to the Canon 1DX Mark II and Nikon D5 – Fstoppers

We no longer perform our own dynamic range tests here at Imaging Resource, but for photographers interested in the dynamic range performance of the new Sony A9, Photons to Photos has published their testing results for the new A9. In the link above, you can see how the Sony A9 with both its mechanical and electronic shutters compares to the Canon 1DX Mark II and Nikon D5.

While you should check out the test results to see them in greater detail, the results show that the Sony A9 and Canon 1DX Mark II are essentially neck and neck at base ISO with the D5 trailing by quite a bit. As ISO increases, the Canon pulls ahead until about ISO 800 and then the A9 takes the lead until just shy of ISO 3200, when Nikon takes a narrow lead, which it generally maintains throughout the ISO range most would consider usable. A very interesting aspect of the test results is the performance of the Sony A9 with its mechanical shutter versus the advanced electronic shutter. Click here to view the full chart and see how the shutter affects dynamic range performance.

Matching colors in Photoshop using RGB channels – ISO 1200

Photographer Russell Brown is a Senior Creative Director at Adobe and he creates many great Photoshop tutorials on his Vimeo channel. His latest is about a color matching technique you can use within Photoshop. The technique relies on using the RGB grayscale channels and you can learn how to use it below.

A complete mobile photography workflow – SLR Lounge

Photographer Ryan Longnecker has written a great guide for SLR Lounge which goes over a complete mobile photography workflow, including shooting applications, the Lightroom mobile app, effects apps, VSCO Cam and Instagram. For anyone looking to step up their mobile photography game, it is a must-read.

A breakdown of shutter speed and landscape photography – Digital Photography School

Shutter speed impacts a lot of aspects of landscape photography, from the gear you need to the look of your images. Photographer Christian Hoiberg is the founder of Capture Landscapes, a resource for landscape photographers to improve their work. In Hoiberg’s article, he discusses the importance of a tripod for working with slow shutter speeds and the effect of slow shutter speeds on your images, whether you’re shooting water or the sky. It’s nice to see direct comparison images at different shutter speeds.


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Mounting an $80 500mm lens on a Sony A6500 – PetaPixel

Photographer Christopher Burress purchased an Opteka 500mm lens kit on Amazon for $80 – although it is currently $120. The kit includes a 500mm lens and 2x teleconverter. He then mounted it on his Sony A6500

You can see a variety of sample images at PetaPixel and there’s a video about the lens below. Burress remarks in the comments section for the video, “[the lens] doesn’t suck for the price. I was impressed with the sharpness that could be achieved.” It certainly seems like great bang for your buck, but obviously such a long, slow lens has limitations.