Shutter Release: Slow-motion fighter jets, faster workflow, iPhone instant camera accessory and more


posted Wednesday, May 31, 2017 at 12:00 PM EDT


Panasonic GH4 shoots awesome slow-motion footage of F-15 fighter jets – DIY Photography via SLR Lounge

It doesn’t matter how many slow motion videos I have seen, they remain entertaining and fascinating to watch. Japanese Vimeo user 1-300 has uploaded a video showing Japanese variants of American-made F-15 fighter jets in glorious slow motion. The video below was shot with a Panasonic GH-4 camera and various Canon lenses, including Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L and Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L optics.

Swellpro Splash Drone 3 hits Kickstarter

Earlier this month, we wrote about Swellpro’s Splash Drone 3, a fully waterproof, floating drone with 4K UHD video recording capabilities. The Splash Drone 3 is now on Kickstarter and with three weeks left in its campaign, it has nearly reached its roughly $50,000 goal. To get a Splash Drone 3 Auto of your own, you can pledge $1,399 or more, a $300 savings compared to the eventual retail price. There is also a “Fisherman” edition available for $1,149.

Capture One Pro Luma curve offers color-neutral contrast adjustments – Fstoppers

Photographer Quentin Décaillet has written a short tutorial for Fstoppers about the Luma curve in Capture One Pro. The unique tool was first available in Capture One Pro 9 and allows for simple contrast adjustments that do not affect color. Capture One Pro is perhaps best-known for its color editing tools, but the Luma curve is particularly useful thanks to its lack of color adjustments. In case you missed it, we recently reviewed Capture One Pro 10 and Phase One released Capture One Pro 10.1 earlier this month.

How to prevent image loss – Photography Life

Image loss is one of a photographer’s greatest fears. There are many ways to help reduce the risk of image loss, including using a proper backup workflow and using a camera with two card slots. John Bosley has written a nice guide for Photography Life about easy steps you can take to protect your images. If your interested in a rugged external hard drive, our own Jaron Schneider just reviewed LaCie’s new Rugged Thunderbolt/USB-C external hard drive.

Cutting your editing time in half – ISO 1200

Mango Street Lab has published a new video tutorial designed to help you cut your photo editing time in half. In the tutorial below, Adobe Lightroom, Photo Mechanic, PFixer and VSCO Keys are all highlighted. Daniel and Rachel start by creating dated folders with a description of their shoot. They then create three subfolders: raw, selects and catalog. They drop all their files in the raw folder. They create a new Lightroom catalog for every shoot (hence the catalog folder), which keeps Lightroom running faster. They cull their raw images in Photo Mechanic before bringing them into Lightroom. To see the rest of their workflow, watch the video below.

Prynt Pocket makes your iPhone an instant camera – PetaPixel

The Prynt Pocket is a new $150 device which connects to your iPhone via the Lightning port and acts as a grip with shutter release and zoom wheel plus an instant printer. It can print any photo from your device onto 2 x 3 tear-resistant ZINK paper. The camera comes with 10 sheets and additional 40-sheet packs are available for $20. The Prynt Pocket is available in graphite, mint and cool grey colors and is compatible with iPhone 5 models onward. Check out the Instax-esque iPhone accessory below.