Gitzo celebrates its centenary with a pair of limited edition Traveler tripods, including one that is $3,000


posted Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at 2:00 PM EST


Legendary tripod manufacturer Gitzo is celebrating their centenary this year in style. To celebrate the milestone, Gitzo is releasing a pair of special edition tripods, the 100 Year Anniversary Edition Traveler Tripod and the Arsène Gitzhoven Traveler Tripod.

100 Year Anniversary Edition Tripod

The limited edition 100 Year Anniversary Edition tripod is a special edition of Gitzo’s Traveler Tripod. As an homage to the company’s creation in 1917, only 1,917 copies of the limited tripod will be produced. Further exclusivity is evidenced by the tripod’s certificate of authenticity and each individual piece being labelled by the craftsman who made it.

Gitzo 100 Year Anniversary Edition Tripod - Magnesium spider with exclusive appearance.

Crafted using a brand-new magnesium spider with a black finish and titanium color details, the limited tripod has state-of-the-art carbon fiber legs and a limited edition ergonomic Italian leather strap. The tripod comes in a special black branded chest with leather detailing as well. This flagship product is designed with all the durability Gitzo is known for, but with many special flourishes to help mark the special occasion.

Gitzo 100 Year Anniversary Edition with special leather strap

Unsurprisingly, it’s a pricey camera support. You can order yours now through the link below for just under US$1,500.

Gitzo 100 Year Anniversary Edition Traveler Tripod

Arsène Gitzhoven Traveler Tripod

Alongside the 100 Year Traveler Tripod, Gitzo is releasing an even more exclusive tripod, the Arsène Gitzhoven Traveler Tripod. This product will be limited to only 100 copies worldwide. It is the first Gitzo tripod to feature a fully carbon-fiber spider, which makes the product lighter than ever. It features all the other technology you would expect from a Gitzo Traveler Series 1 tripod, including carbon fiber legs, 180° leg folding, G-lock locking mechanism and more.

The Gitzo Arsène Gitzhoven Traveler Tripod has a carbon fiber spider, making it the lightest ever tripod of its kind.

The Arsène Gitzhoven Traveler Tripod comes with a special Italian leather strap and comes in a white branded chest with leather detailing and a certificate of authenticity signed by Gitzo’s CEO. The all-black, highly-limited tripod is exclusive to select retailers and will cost US$3,000.

Arsène Gitzhoven Traveler Tripod with its strap.