Vü Filters as a brand is disappearing, merging with Benro


posted Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at 10:16 AM EST


Benro and Vü are both brands distributed by the MAC Group, and since both produce filters, it's not surprising to hear today's news. Likely in a move to consolidate their product and eliminate confusion, Benro (known mostly for their tripods, sliders and video heads) and Vü (known for their high-quality filters) have combined, and the Vü name will be disappearing. As such, Benro's filter offerings are about to get a significant boost thanks to the Vü library of offerings. 

The MAC Group characterized the move as one that is beneficial to both MAC, but more specifically to Benro. "The filter category has always been of great interest to us and our experience with Vü Filters gives us a strong sense of what Benro Filter's potential is in our industry," Jan Lederman, MAC Group President, said. "We are optimistic and very excited for this opportunity." 

As part of the announcement of Vü's merge, Benro announced new "Master Series" square and circle filter holders. Benro says that every Master Series Filter Holder is precision machined from high-quality aluminum and hand-assembled with a significant level of care and attention to detail. Their patented control ring allows for circular polarizers to rotate independently of the filter holder when they are set into place. Benro Master Series Filter Holder Systems are available in 4 sizes to accommodate the wide range of cameras and lenses available today.

Benro Master Series Round Filters offer a complete line of round filters for direct mounting to lenses in all popular sizes. Available in UV, Circular Polarizers, Neutral Density, and Variable Neutral Density, all Benro Master Series Round Filters feature HD optical technologies in the manufacturing process to ensure that filter surfaces are blemish-free and flat across the entire optical surface to guarantee sharp images that are free from ghosting and internal reflections.


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