Shutter Release: OnePlus 5 has dual cameras, behind the scenes of a commercial airline shoot and more


posted Thursday, June 22, 2017 at 3:00 PM EST


Sometimes there is just too much great content out there for you to be able to see it all. That’s where Shutter Release comes in. Our ongoing roundup article series finds interesting photography-related articles and videos from around the web and brings them to you with bite-sized summaries, helping you find content that’s right for you.

Today’s Shutter Release roundup includes the news of OnePlus announcing their new OnePlus 5 phone, seven tips and tricks for a faster Lightroom workflow, a couple of neat behind the scenes videos and five tools for dramatic portraits.

OnePlus 5 announced – SLR Lounge

The OnePlus 5 smartphone has been announced with an impressive list of specs, including 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage on the flagship model. The dual-camera OnePlus 5 has a 16-megapixel sensor paired to a wide angle f/1.7 lens and a 20-megapixel sensor with a longer f/2.6 lens.

Photographer Alessandro Michelazzi had early access to the new phone for OnePlus’s advertising campaign and he shared his thoughts on the device. There are also a ton of sample images in his write-up, so go check it out.

Seven tips for a faster Lightroom workflow – DIY Photography

Photographer Toma Bonciu wants to help speed up your Lightroom workflow. Check out his video below to learn how.

How do companies capture photos and videos of airplanes in the sky? Go behind the scenes of an air-to-air photo shoot – PetaPixel

When Air Canada rebranded earlier this year, they had to capture new photos and video of their planes in action. Have you ever wondered how shots of planes thousands of feet up in the air are captured? Wonder no more as Everyday Reviews go behind-the-scenes during the shoot.

Capturing the Alps, a behind-the-scenes with time lapse artist Drew Geraci – DIY Photography

Photographer Drew Geraci took nearly 200 pounds of gear into the Swiss Alps to capture a series of time lapses. In the video below, we see Geraci using Sony A7R II and Sony A7S II cameras with Canon cinema lenses at elevations around 13,000 feet in subzero temps. That’s serious dedication!

Five tools for creating dramatic portraits – SLR Lounge

Creating good portraits is difficult and creating good dramatic portraits is perhaps even harder. Photographer Chris Knight has put together an excellent guide for SLR Lounge about the tools and methods you can use to create dramatic portraiture. Some of his tips include using a large light modifier and feathering your light. To learn much more, click here.