Emotion and light: How light conveys emotion through ratios, color and more


posted Friday, June 23, 2017 at 12:00 PM EST


As part of his “Laws of Light” video series, photographer Jay P. Morgan has made a new video showing how different lighting conveys varied emotions.

Generally, you will want your light to strengthen the emotion you want your image to communicate. Bright, soft light conveys very different emotions than a dark, high-contrast scene. In the video below, Morgan uses constant LED lights so you can see in real-time different adjustments, ratios and light modifiers and the different emotions they are best-suited to convey.

Light and emotion is about more than lighting ratios and the transition of light, color is also important. People use color to reference people and their emotional states a lot, for example, a warm personality or someone acting cold.

To see more from Jay P. Morgan, you can visit his website, The Slanted Lens website and The Slanted Lens YouTube channel.