Shutter Release: Portrait lighting tips, volcano photos and using the moon to light your landscape shots


posted Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at 7:00 AM EDT


Today’s Shutter Release has a bit of a portraiture tilt. Among the five covered stories, two of them are focused on portraiture, with the first looking at how to shoot a basic model test and the second being a video featuring five beginner portrait lighting tips. Then we will look at a series of very interesting volcano images, a new inexpensive Leica lens from China and tips for shooting “moonscapes.” Like with all of our Shutter Release roundup articles, we hope that you find these articles and our short summaries useful in helping expose you to new and interesting content from around the web.

Shooting a basic model test – SLR Lounge

If you’ve ever been interested in shooting model tests, SLR Lounge’s new article has you covered. The guide covers topics such as mood boards, styling, hair and make-up, gear and more.

Five beginner portrait photography lighting tips – Fstoppers

Ed Verosky has five tips for photographers making their first foray into portrait lighting. His first tip is to start with one light and go from there. For the rest of his tips, watch the video below.

Photos of volcanoes show incredible texture and color – Light Stalking

Photographer G. Brad Lewis – aptly known as “Volcanoman” – has made a successful career of capturing volcanic photography. This dangerous genre of photography has allowed Lewis to make many excellent images, which you can see at his website. There are also a selection of images available to view in this article about his work at Light Stalking. It’s stunning work, go check it out!

Cheap Chinese 50mm f/1.1 lens for Leica – Leica Rumors

A cheap lens for Leica? It’s true! Chinese company 7Artisans has announced a new 50mm f/1.1 lens for Leica M mount. The lens is available for purchase for under $400 on Amazon. The amazon listing makes note of how you can use the lens on Sony E mount cameras with an adapter.

Moonscape photography tips – Photography Life

Many landscape images are captured during sunrise and sunset, but what about landscapes lit by the moon? Night sky photographers typically despise the moon, as a bright moon will wash out many visible stars. However, the moon can be an interesting light for your landscapes. To learn how to take advantage of the moon and see some awesome “moonscape” shots, click here