Shutter Release: Action camera database, Lensrentals promotion, Nikon camera quiz and more


posted Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at 12:00 PM EST


Shutter Release is our ongoing series in which we briefly describe and share photography-related news and videos we find around the web. Let's press the shutter release and burst fire an assortment of stories today including a neat action camera finder website, a Lensrentals promotion, a Nikon camera quiz, a look back at a great portrait photographer from the 19th century and have a look at a unique genre of photography.

Action camera finder - Reddit

Reddit user effortDee was looking for an action camera for their next underwater project and found that it was hard to get a good amount of information on all the available action cameras in one place. There are so many action cameras out there from a wide array of manufacturers. effortDee opted to build their own site to help solve their problem for others as well, Action Camera Finder.

Lensrentals celebrates their 11th birthday with a new promotion - The Digital Picture

Popular photo gear rental site, Lensrentals, has been around for 11 years! To mark the occasion, you can use the coupon code "ELEVEN" on their site to save 11 percent on your next rental. The promotion expires on July 21 and the gear must be scheduled to arrive by July 31.



Test your Nikon camera knowledge with this quiz - Amateur Photographer

You've likely heard that it's Nikon's 100th anniversary this year. To help mark the occasion, Amateur Photographer has put together a fun visual quiz to test how well you can identify Nikon cameras. How well will you do?

How Nadar became the first great portrait photographer - TIME

Born in 1820, Gaspard-Félix Tournachon, known professionally as Nadar, was in on the ground floor of photography in the 19th century. To explore the interesting history of Nadar, biographer Adam Begley has written a new book, "The Great Nadar," which hit bookshelves this week. Long before the modern portrait photographers, Nadar was trying to capture intimate portraits and find a way to bring a person to life in a deep, meaningful way using a two-dimensional medium. Of Nadar's death in 1910, Begley says, " It took a long time for modernists to recover the simplicity that Nadar started out with."

The rare genre of medical photography - Fstoppers

E.F. Simpson took traditional images for a long time but asked his eye doctor if he could take an environmental portrait of him and thus began Simpson's journey into medical photography, surgical photography in particular. Fstoppers wrote a feature on Simpson and you can see more of Simpson's work there and on his site.