Shutter Release: New Benro tripods, best framerate for video, Volvo captures photos and more


posted Thursday, July 13, 2017 at 5:20 PM EST


Shutter Release is a feature in which we scour the internet for interesting stories and videos and share the best with you via quick summaries. Let's press that shutter release and look at new tripods from Benro, how to choose the right video frame rate, tips for how to shoot and edit like photographer Brandon Woelfel and finally see images captured using the built-in cameras on a new car.

Benro launches new "Combination" carbon fiber tripods - Photography Blog

Benro has released a new series of tripods, the Combination Series. These carbon fiber tripods are designed to be lightweight while supporting heavy gear. Benro has made changes for this new series including new twist leg locks rather than lever leg locks which were seen on an earlier version. Learn more about the new tripods here.

Choosing the best frame rate for your videos - DIY Photography

Earlier this year, Brandon Li made a video explaining how to choose the best frame rate for video. DIY Photography posted about it and despite it being an older video, it's worth sharing.

Volvo hosts a photography exhibit with images captured by their newest car - Adweek

As part of Volvo's ongoing ad campaign for its new XC60 car, the company hired photographer Barbara Davidson to capture images using the cameras built into the new car. That's a unique camera!

How to shoot and edit like Brandon Woelfel - ISO 1200