Canon 6D Mark II Performance: Analyzing AF speed, buffer depth and more


posted Friday, July 14, 2017 at 4:07 PM EST

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Shortly after the Canon 6D Mark II was announced, it quickly became the most popular camera on our website, and there it has remained ever since. We've now had the chance to put this new full frame offering through its paces in the performance side of our test laboratory and have just published these results on our Canon 6D Mark II Performance page.

For anyone wanting to see how it fares against the predecessor Canon 6D, we have plenty of analysis and comparisons regarding the results and the test data from our seasoned Technical Editor Zig Weidelich. We also take a look at additional key components such as battery life.

Excerpt from our 6D II Performance analysis

Dive into our 6D II performance page for all the details and analysis.

Canon 6D Mark II Performance