Seven secret tips for Lightroom include user interface improvements, editing video and much more


posted Friday, July 14, 2017 at 2:00 PM EST


Colin Smith, the founder of Photoshop Café, has released a new video with seven tips for using Lightroom. You may know one or more of his "seven secret tips you probably didn't know in Lightroom," but nonetheless, the video will likely teach you something new. Lightroom is a very popular photo editor which many photographers use, so hopefully many of you will learn something useful in the video below.

Have you ever been working in Lightroom on a small monitor, perhaps on your laptop, and become frustrated with all the scrolling you have to do when using the various editing sliders? There's a "Solo Mode" you can enable that makes it such that only one part of the development module is visible at a time. Similarly, if you've ever struggled with small sliders, you can actually increase the size of that editing panel to make using the sliders much easier.

When you try to edit video in Lightroom, it typically won't let you. However, you can capture a single frame from the video and then you can edit that frame. Once you've made your desired edits, you then click sync in the bottom right corner of Lightroom and apply those edits to every frame. To see the rest of the seven "secret Lightroom tips," check out the video below.

(Via PetaPixel)