Syrp team takes the new Canon 6D II out for a timelapse review


posted Friday, July 14, 2017 at 12:10 PM EST


The original Canon 6D was loved by timelapsers because of its full frame sensor, low price and some even said that the color rendered by the sensor was superior to the 5D Mark III. So, naturally, timelapsers are curious how the 6D II will perform and if it will be as good or better for the craft than the original. Syrp, who make some of my favorite timelapse gear, decided to test the 6D II with their equipment to see how the changes Canon made work in tandem with their system. 

The Syrp team noted that, as expected, the articulating screen is hugely beneficial for timelapsing. Many timelapsers use live view to set up shots and catch focus, but without an articulating screen many angles and positions are very challenging to work with. "The fully articulated touch screen does away with the need for a monitor or adopting a strange stooping position while simultaneously scrunching up your face when trying to sort out the composition of your shot," they said on their blog. "As most of us have found out before, crouching in the slim space between your tripod and a rock is never fun, so we’re very happy with this addition."

For the rest of their review, the guys look specifically at the internal timelapse function of the 6D and how it works with their Genie Mini. You read their full impressions on their blog (spoiler, they did like the feature), or hear them in the video above. 

Additionally, the Syrp guys worked directly with Canon New Zealand to produce a piece for the 6D II launch, which you can see below:

To get the full story, make sure to head over to the Syrp blog. For even more on the new Canon 6D Mark II, read our hands-on coverage