Shutter Release: Adding color to shadows with gels, Light L16 computational camera is shipping and more


posted Monday, July 17, 2017 at 8:45 AM EST


Hopefully everyone had a nice weekend. Let's get this week started off with a new Shutter Release roundup article. Shutter Release is an ongoing series here at Imaging Resource wherein we summarize and share a variety of interesting stories and videos we find around the web. We're dedicated to bringing you the best in original content, but we want to ensure you see great content from others as well.

Let's get that finger on the shutter and start shooting! Today we will look at a guide to choosing a medium format film camera, interesting news about the future of Bowens, tips for eliminating noise in videos using Adobe Audition and Premiere Pro, adding color to shadows in portraits with colored gels and finally, the Light L16 computational photography camera is shipping.

A guide for choosing your first medium format film camera - DIY Photography

Choosing a new camera is hard enough, but what if it's a medium format film camera? There aren't as many resources out there for researching film cameras and there are not many photographers still shooting film, so it can be hard to find good people to ask for help. Portrait photographer Marcin Wuu has written a nice guide that takes you through some questions and helps you decide which medium format film camera is right for you. There are a lot of reasons to still shoot film, so don't let indecision hold you back from a new photographic experience.

Rumors suggest that Bowens is going out of business - Photo Rumors

Bowens, maker of many photography and videography accessories, is in financial trouble according to rumors. An "inside source" told DIY Photography that the company has gone into liquidation. Bowens was established in 1928 and made their first flash bulbs in 1947 before starting to make their own electronic studio flash systems in 1950. Over a year ago, both Bowens and Calumet were purchased by an investment company, Aurelius, and it appears that the decision has been made to sell off the assets. Nothing is official yet, so stay tuned for more news on this.

How to eliminate audio noise using Adobe Audition and Premiere Pro - Fstoppers

Annoying audio hissing or background noise ruining your video clips? Check out the tutorial below for tips and tricks you can use to clean up your audio.

Adding color to your shadows using colored gels - ISO 1200

Jay P. Morgan has shared a new video showing off how to use colored gels to spice up your portraits and bring color to your shadows. Check it out below.

Light L16 computational photography camera is now shipping - SLR Lounge

After about four years of designing, prototyping, testing and much more, the Light L16 camera has started shipping to its preorder customers. You may recall hearing about the L16 a few years ago when it was announced to much fanfare and skepticism. It's not often that a product takes this long to hit the market, but the Light L16 is a distinct product so it should be no surprise it had something of a rocky road to existence. You can learn more about the camera here. New orders will not be taken until later this year, but you can sign up on Light's site to be notified when orders open back up.