Nikon D7500 Field Test Part III: It’s time for sports shooting, video capture and reader questions


posted Wednesday, July 19, 2017 at 5:00 AM EST


Over the last few weeks, I've posted my first and second field tests for the Nikon D7500, and today I round our my real-world shooting experiences with my third and final field test!

In those first tests I took a look at day and night shooting, both in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky and back home in Knoxville, Tennessee. For my third and final test, I've headed to the nearby tourist town of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in search of some more active subjects. And for good measure, I've also tried out the D7500's video capture capabilities, as well as answering some reader questions received after my first and second tests.


Want my final thoughts on the D7500 before it heads back to IR headquarters in Atlanta to complete our detailed lab testing? Hop on over to our Nikon D7500 review now to see my third and final field test. Not yet read my earlier coverage? You'll want to make your start with Field Test Part I instead, then, and continue on to Field Test Part II once you're done. And be sure to look at the gallery too, as there were far too many photos shot to fit into the field tests, so many of them can't be seen anywhere else.

And watch this space for the results of our lab testing, our image quality comparisons with rival and predecessor cameras, as well as the final conclusion of our Nikon D7500 review -- all coming soon!



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