Datacolor deal: Upgrade from ANY calibration device to the Spyder5Elite+ and save $169


posted Thursday, July 20, 2017 at 10:00 AM EST


Monitor calibration is critically important. Whether or not you print your work, a calibrated monitor allows you to determine whether what you see on your display is accurate or not. Imagine that your monitor is way too bright and you're editing your photos such that they look good on your display, if someone views them on a calibrated monitor they'll be too dark. Or perhaps you capture a beautiful landscape image with rich, vibrant colors but on your monitor the image looks bad so you never look at it again. This could result in a great image being forgotten because of an uncalibrated monitor.

While a good calibration workflow is not free, it doesn't have to be expensive and it can be one of the best investments you can make. Suppose you already have some sort of calibration device, maybe it's really old, and you want to upgrade. Datacolor has just the deal for you. From now until August 31, you can upgrade from any display calibration device toward their top of the line Spyder5Elite+ for $139, a savings of $169. After plugging in your email address and the serial number of your existing device, you will be able to access the big discount and Datacolor will send you your new calibration device and email you codes for the Spyder5Elite+ Software and a 90-day Adobe CC Photography Plan membership. That's quite a deal!


Regularly calibrating your monitor(s) ensures that your work will be viewed and edited in a consistent setting, which is hugely important. If you're new to the world of calibration and may not have a device to upgrade, head over to Photography Life to read their new guide to monitor calibration. It has a lot of great info.