Yi M1 Field Test Part II: Can firmware updates fix the super-affordable Yi Camera’s frustrating interface?


posted Monday, July 31, 2017 at 11:38 PM EDT


A few months ago, I posted my first field test of XiaoYi's eponymously-named Yi M1, also known as the Yi Camera. Today, I return with my second field test, and the answer to a long-standing question: Can firmware updates fix the most frustrating user experience quirks of what could otherwise be an incredibly affordable jewel of a camera?

The initial reason for my delay in returning with my second field test was that I was waiting on the arrival of updated firmware, which the company's booth staff had told me was on the way back at the Consumer Electronics Show in early January. And as time rolled on, other, newer cameras ended up being a higher priority for review, leaving our Yi M1 review awaiting the remainder of its writeup.


I don't like to leave things half done, though, and so now that there's a brief space in my review queue -- and now that XiaoYi has had a few months to smooth some of the rough edges courtesy of firmware updates -- I'm now returning to wrap up with my second field test. Want to know what I thought, and whether it's time to reach for your wallet? Hop on over to my newly-published second field test, and find out! (And if you've not already done so, be sure to check out the first field test, as well.)


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