Shutter Release: 100 Photoshop tutorials, Phase One XF 100MP photographs a $2.5 million car and more


posted Tuesday, August 1, 2017 at 11:30 AM EST


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Today we will cover a list of Photoshop tutorials, a cool behind the scenes look at a Phase One XF100 MP being used to photograph a $2.5 million Pagani hypercar, a video showing how a DSLR shutter works, an opinion piece on why you should support Sony and finally, we end with a tutorial about seascape photography.

100 of the best Photoshop tutorials - PSD Stack

Bunty Pundir has compiled an extensive list of 100 of the best Photoshop tutorials on the web. The tutorials are ordered from basic to advanced and cover a vast range of topics from photography to graphic design and more. The tutorials begin with topics about the Photoshop workspace, understanding layers and adjustments layers and then work towards advanced topics such as colorizing old photos and creating a sunset effect in Photoshop. Go check out the list here.

Photographing a $2.5 million car with a $50,000 Phase One XF 100MP camera - PetaPixel

If you want to see the ultimate in camera and car technology, a new video from Phase One is going to be right up your alley. The video below showcases the Phase One XF 100MP photographing the Pagani Huayra BC hypercar. For those keeping score at home, that's a roughly $50,000 camera capturing shots of a $2.5 million car.

How a DSLR shutter works - PetaPixel

In the video below, Chris Marquardt shows how a DSLR shutter works, in this case a Nikon D500 shutter.

Why this photographer says you should support Sony - Fstoppers

There's no denying that Sony has been pushing the technological envelope with their cameras and lenses. The Sony A9 is a prime example of Sony's willingness to push the boundaries. Is Sony a camera company you should be supporting? Chris Ramsey Jr. says yes. Give his latest piece a read and see if you agree.

Tips for creating seascape images - Fstoppers

Photographer Michael Breitung has created a new video discussing how to photograph waves, including what equipment and techniques he uses.