Shutter Release: NASA will chase the eclipse in jets, vintage lenses photograph the same model and more


posted Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 5:29 AM EST


In today's Shutter Release roundup, we will look at five very different pieces of photo-related content. First up is a great tip for photographers who are looking for adventure but are on a tight budget. Next is the news that NASA is going to chase the eclipse in jets to attempt to capture images. We will then look at a neat video from Mathieu Stern in which he uses three different vintage lenses to photograph the same model. For video shooters, the fourth piece should be of interest, as it offers tips on how to keep moving subjects in focus. Finally, we will finish with a look at images shot using an iPhone and Godox's new iPhone flash product. Get your shutter finger ready, it's time for Shutter Release.

If you want a photo adventure on a budget, you should go camping - Fstoppers

Travel photography is a thrilling way to see new places and capture beautiful images, but it can also be very expensive. Camping, while not super cheap, is a relatively affordable way to see new places. JT Blenker has written a great article about why you should give camping a try for your next photography adventure at Fstoppers. Give it a read. There's still plenty of nice camping season left and you often don't have to travel far to see beautiful scenery.

NASA is going eclipse chasing in jets - DIY Photography

On August 21, there will be two and a half minutes of total solar eclipse. It'll be a rare viewing opportunity for many on the ground, but NASA wants to see it from the air in WB-57F jet planes. The pair of research jets are seeking to capture certain waves which will not be visible from the ground and capture the "clearest images of the Sun's outer atmosphere - the corona - to date and the first-ever thermal images of Mercury, revealing how temperature varies across the planet's surface."

A trio of vintage lenses photograph the same model - ISO 1200

Mathieu Stern has launched a neat new video series in which he photographs the same model with multiple vintage lenses. In the first episode seen below, Stern uses a Soligor FD 21mm f/3.8, Canon FD S.S.C. 50mm f/1.4 and Moded Helios 103 53mm f/1.8.

Four ways to keep moving subjects in focus while shooting video - ISO 1200

Godox shows off first portraits shot with their new A1 Flash Trigger for smartphones - DIY Photography

Godox has shot portraits with an iPhone 7 Plus and their new A1 flash trigger for mobile phones. You can see a pair of the shots below.

Image Credit: Godox

Image Credit: Godox

As you can see in the images above and additional images here, the shutter speeds are quite slow. Unsurprisingly the small flash isn't producing a lot of power, but they should still prove sufficient for still life and studio work. For outdoor portraits, however, they might come up short.