Shutter Release: Instagram and mental health, corporate headshots, watermarks and more


posted Monday, August 14, 2017 at 6:00 AM EST


We hope you had an excellent weekend. Let's kick off the new week with a bang. In today's edition of Shutter Release, our ongoing roundup article feature, we will look at an interesting Instagram study, a quick tutorial for how to capture corporate headshots, an opinion piece on watermarking images, a tutorial for creating long exposure trails in Adobe After Effects and we will finish with a natural light golden hour tutorial. We here at Imaging Resource are dedicated to bringing you great original content, but there are a lot of interesting photography articles and videos out there and a few of them are described below, so let's get to it.

Research suggests there may be evidence of your mental health in your Instagram profile - The Verge

Do you share more photos with fewer filters? Are your Instagram photos darker and grayer? Research by EPJ Data Science suggests that there may be clues in your Instagram profile that indicate a higher chance of depression. The researchers used machine learning to successfully identify markers of depression at higher accuracy rates than humans were able to select markers. Researchers from Harvard and the University of Vermont are quick to point out that the results are not universal, but the study's techniques "may serve as a blueprint for effective mental health screening in an increasingly digitalized society" nonetheless.

Corporate Headshots, 3 looks in 30 minutes - The Slanted Lens

The Slanted Lens is a great resource for excellent tutorials. Jay P. Morgan's latest is an in-depth video about corporate headshots.

To watermark or not - Fstoppers

Watermarks. The topic has been a hot button issue for photographers since the dawn of digital photography. Do watermarks deter image thieves? Are they distracting to the point where they mask the quality of your work? There is a lot to consider. Photographer Evan Kane has written for Fstoppers that you should watermark your images. However, you ought to be thoughtful. You don't want your watermark to ruin your image. Do you think watermarks help protect your work? Do you watermark your images?

Creating long exposure light trails in video using Adobe After Effects - PetaPixel

From capture to edit, how to shoot natural light golden hour images - SLR Lounge

Golden hour is a popular time for photographers to capture images, thanks to the beautiful, warm natural light. However, it's also a challenging time to shoot. Holly Roa has written a helpful guide for shooting in golden hour lighting and how to take advantage of the situation.