Elegant and functional: Peak Design launches new Leash and Cuff camera straps


posted Monday, August 21, 2017 at 11:00 AM EST


Camera bag and accessory maker Peak Design has released updated versions of their popular leash and cuff camera straps.

The new leash attaches easily to the latest third-generation anchor links from Peak Design and the leash itself has seen refinement rather than revolution. It's not about reinventing the wheel, but rather making the product better, stronger and easier to use. The new Peak Design Leash also comes with a solution for mounting an anchor point to the bottom of your camera, something the last version didn't include. The leash also includes a new adjustment mechanism, which allows for much quicker leash length adjustments. Check out the design in Peak Design's video below.

The Peak Design Cuff, like the leash, has seen considerable refinement. The redesign doubles down on the reasons why users were a big fan of the cuff while adding more features than the barebones original had. The cuff is an ultralight camera wrist strap, essentially, which is the company's least obtrusive carrying solution. The revised cuff has all-new, entirely custom aluminum hardware and stores as a bracelet when not in use, perfect for on-the-go photographers. Learn more in the video below.

The new Peak Design Leash and Peak Design Cuff products are available now in ash and charcoal colors for around $40 and $30 respectively. You can order them through the links below.

• Peak Design Leash: Ash & Charcoal • Peak Design Cuff: Ash & Charcoal