How to deal with difficulties in landscape photography, from bad weather to tricky compositions


posted Wednesday, August 30, 2017 at 7:30 AM EST


Landscape photography can be a difficult and sometimes brutal genre of photography. You often must get up at ridiculous times, travel to remote locations and then hope for the best. You can research, prepare and plan, but even then, you're at the mercy of weather and circumstances well outside your control.

Photographer Thomas Heaton knows all about dealing with elements outside of your control. In his latest landscape video, he braves the harsh weather of Iceland, including forceful winds. Sometimes these miserable conditions are ripe for great photo opportunities, but they're never pleasant.

It is not just weather you have to contend with, it's the lay of the land itself. While you can alleviate some difficulties by scouting locations ahead of time, you don't always have that luxury and will frequently have to experiment on the fly with compositions. Fstoppers shared this older video from photographer Andrew Marr in which he discusses experimenting with composition.

While you can't control the flow of water or clouds or anything like that, you can control how you approach a scene. What might seem at first impossible could just need a slightly different angle or point of view to become a really beautiful scene.

(Via Fstoppers)