Ricoh announces the Theta V featuring faster performance, 360-degree 4K video & “spatial audio”


posted Thursday, August 31, 2017 at 7:30 AM EST

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Ricoh was the first company to provide average consumers with the ability to capture 360 degree photo and video footage way back in 2014, and the fifth generation Ricoh Theta V adds a lot to that legacy. The Theta V is available today for $429.95 and finally brings 4K super high resolution video to the popular camera. Additionally, the Theta V offers "spatial audio," low power Bluetooth for an always-on connection to your smartphone, a dramatically faster internal processor, (forthcoming) 4K streaming support and a new feature called "Remote Playback" that connects the Theta to a television wirelessly and controls what you see like a Nintendo Wii remote. 

In our limited hands-on with the Theta V, we recognized that Ricoh did an excellent job totally upscaling the interior "guts" of the camera without changing the physical appearance of it much at all. In fact, side by side you may be hard pressed to pick the Theta V from the Theta S. Combined with the fact that the app interface will use the same app that currently controls the Theta S, users will find the transition to Ricoh's latest-and-greatest to be smooth and without hiccups. For even greater appeal, the Theta V is also shipping with two new accessories that greatly expand that which the small camera is capable. 

To read more about the new features like Remote Playback and spacial audio, make sure to read our full hands on preview

Ricoh Theta V Hands-On Preview