Lowepro’s new URBEX bags are the perfect light pack for the city


posted Tuesday, September 5, 2017 at 12:00 PM EST


Lowepro's newest line of bags are a sort of hybrid: designed for those who have the tendencies of a photographer, but without wanting to always have to carry the kinds of bags designed for them. Called the Urbex line, Lowepro says they were built for those with a "digital lifestyle." Ideal for business commuters navigating city streets and creative professionals, this new line offers limitless compartments and configurations to customize the way you carry your evolving gear set.

The Urbex will be available in three sizes: 20L, 24L and 28L. The main feature found on all three of the Urbex options is its integrated Gear Box: a small, removable compartment that holds essential peripherals ranging from device accessories, like chargers, cables etc. The space is even large enough to hold a small camera like a Panasonic mirrorless and a lens (the 24L and 28L only) and most certainly a point and shoot like the Sony RX100 series. However, the design of the box isn't specific to cameras, so it lacks padded dividers. The Gear Box is easily accessible within the Urbex, accessible externally by sliding out of a designated compartment at the bottom of the bag or mounting externally (24L and 28L options only).


Additionally, all three sizes of the Urbex feature a HighRise hinged divider for maximum use of internal space, an in-harness Phone Pocket™ for quick access to cell phones, protective storage for a 15” laptop or 10” tablet and an All Weather AW Cover to protect valuable gear from rain, snow, dust and sand.

  • The Urbex BP 20L (US MSRP $99.95) is compact and simple, offering the perfect solution for carting gear through city streets. This slim, succinct pack can be used in place of a briefcase to carry electronics and documents, as well as lunch, water and jacket. The Urbex BP 20L is available in black, dark grey and dark green.
  • The Urbex BP 24L (US MSRP $129.95) is structured and streamlined. This bag features a roomy main storage compartment with built-in organization to carry a variety of gear in secure, streamlined style. The Gear Box includes the option to mount externally on the lower inset panel to give users even more room inside the Urbex. The 24L is also available in black, dark grey and dark green.
  • The Urbex BP 28L Plus (US MSRP $149.95) is the largest pack in the series, providing expandable capacity for an extra 4L of clothes, shoes, personal items or additional gear. The panel zips back down to a sleek, narrow format when the extra space is not needed. This Urbex also provides the option to externally mount the Gear Box, for additional storage space. The Urbex 28L Plus is available in black.

For more information on the Urbex line, head over to Lowepro.com