Shutter Release: Lightroom Coffee Break, natural versus artificial light, moody landscapes and a pro’s workflow


posted Friday, September 15, 2017 at 1:00 PM EDT


As we head into the weekend, we have four videos to share with you in today's edition of Shutter Release. First up is a new Lightroom Coffee Break video, next is a video about natural light versus off camera flash, then a behind the scenes landscape video before finishing with the latest from photographer Jay P. Morgan.

Shutter Release is a regular roundup feature here at Imaging Resource wherein we share interesting photography content from around the web, including articles, tutorials, videos and more.

Lightroom Coffee Break: View photos faster with 1:1 build preview - The Digital Picture

Adobe's ongoing YouTube series, "Lightroom Coffee Break," has new episodes every couple of weeks. We've shared videos from the series with Adobe Lightroom team member Benjamin Warde on numerous occasions. Warde's latest video is about how to view your images in Lightroom quicker than ever using optimized 1:1 previews.

Natural light versus off camera flash - Manny Ortiz

Photographer Manny Ortiz produces many helpful videos for portrait photographers in particular, covering topics like gear, lighting and posing. His new video discusses the pros and cons of natural light versus off camera flash and gives a live demo of both approaches to outdoor portraiture.

Landscapes at Crosby Beach - Gary Gough

Photographer Gary Gough recently traveled to Crosby Beach in England to shoot landscapes. The conditions were very misty and foggy, as I suppose is the norm on the English coast. See how Gough dealt with the conditions below.

Looking at Jay P. Morgan's shooting process - The Slanted Lens

Photographer Jay P. Morgan has been at it for a long time, so he's a great authority on workflow. He asks, "Why shoot 2,300 images when you only need 3?" Watch the video below for the answer and to learn how Morgan operates when shooting.